Since 1974 COMPANY METROP has specialized on the silver jewelry market 925 Old Style model. The variety of models available in different versions with hard stones (onyx, jade, lapis-pearl carnelian etc ...) or semiprecious stones (amethyst - blue topaz - garnet - opal etc ...) or valuable (ruby-sapphire etc. ...) Mounted with marcasite allowed COMPANY METROP establish themselves as privileged partner of its customers.

The www.LAMETROP.com website is the tool we offer you, you, our privileged partners, to generate a new stream sales in your stores.
Indeed, as you can see, the articles presented are coded and therefore does not allow a private individual to purchase on this site. For against any prospective buyer of a request for information will be automatically directed to the nearest store to buy the individual who wishes a jewel and you will achieve additional sales thanks to this site "that is yours too," by cons you can store commands for your visit and be served in the fastest time as well.
To do this you should first register.
Know that your store password for your client code number on your bills. If necessary or forgotten, thank you contact us to give you.

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